Results clients got from my copy includes:

  • $900,000+ from a launch I led (2X what was projected)
  • $100,000/year in recurring revenue from an online course we sold out in 2.5 hours
  • $222,000+ in 6 months from a single upsell page
  • $60,000 and 100 new customers in a weekend from a cold traffic funnel
  • Multiple six figures from a launch I wrote all copy for, even though
    • The product didn’t exist yet
    • We had no affiliates, case studies, upsell, and our product was $2k more than what the “top guru” in the field charged for his.

Here’s what people I’ve worked with have to say:

“There are three great product launch copywriters in the world — Brian is one of them.”
— Ron Reich, former Director of Marketing for Ask Method

Brian is the man when it comes to writing Product Launch Content scripts… and he’s especially great at combining the ASK Method with PLF, which adds even more complexity to it.”
Navid Moazzez, Creator of Virtual Summit Mastery

Brian is a pleasure to work with. Several of our launches would have come up short if Brian hadn’t gone the extra mile to make them work. He’s one to watch.” – Ryan Johnson, Head of Editorial, I Will Teach You to be Rich

Ryan Johnson

Great work on the sales page. I enjoyed reading through the whole thing, every paragraph has a purpose, whether it’s hitting a benefit, identifying a problem, showing social proof, giving a nice quote. Very good work.”
– Alexander Dziri, Head of Peak Performance, LondonReal.TV

“With Brian’s help we’ve doubled our sales, increased traffic tenfold (up to 400,000+ visitors/month), and built a 100-person waiting list for our $8k workshops! He really “gets” what we’re about and delivers our message in a way that’s both compelling and completely authentic. It’s great to achieve these results with writing I’m genuinely proud to use.” -AJ Harbinger, Co-founder, The Art of Charm


“Great job. This is the most professional copy we’ve ever had.”
-Robert MacNaughton, Executive Director, Boulder Integral Center

“This copy is a million times better than what I have right now. Our sales tripled the first month!”
– Nathan Liao, CMA Exam Academy

Nathan Liao

The quality of his work is impeccable. He’s easy to work with and a cool genuine guy. If you’re looking to find a copywriter who understands what you’re trying to say, Brian’s your man.” – Sameem Rouhani, personal trainer


Fantastic!  You made it come alive…it jumped off the dry paper…even I want to take this program.  You captured the essence (passion) of our hour conversation…brilliant!”  – Tom Power, Family/Couples Therapist

Professional who knows what he is doing! You can trust your work. Thank you Brian!”  – Clairssa Clareopresta, Life Coach/Enneagram Specialist, Brazil

“Understood the niche really well and was able to convey the message with a conversion mind set also. Thanks :)”  – Belinda Baily, Women’s Relationship/Transformational Coach

“Working in Ecommerce for the past 1 year I’ve dealt with a lot of free lancers (which I will call free loaders). Brian is absolutely a GREAT PROFESSIONAL. On time, up front, he was THE BEST. He really changed my sales copy and I’m sure it will give a great lift to my business.”
– Resham, Amazon Seller

“You are now better prepared than 90% of the so-called “copywriters” out there – Kevin Rogers, Founder of Copy Chief

Kevin Rogers

“You have successfully completed Simple Writing System with flying colors!”  – Robert Gibson, A-level Copywriter, 6-time Instructor of John Carlton’s Simple Writing Systems

Super Professional! Excellent communication! Brian will deliver amazing copy! Don’t think twice, hire him!!”  – Ian K. Fine Art Dealer