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“Brian is a pleasure to work with. Several of our launches would have come up short if Brian hadn’t gone the extra mile to make them work. He’s one to watch.” – Ryan Johnson, Head of Editorial, I Will Teach You to be Rich


If you want  authentic, compelling copy that converts, here’s a quick video on how to get it. (The dog in the background seemed to enjoy it.)

Why copywriting?

I used to think all marketing was a scam and businesses were greedy, soulless entities trying to take your money.

Until 5 years ago. I got on a big personal development kick and realized there were all these great people doing amazing work that nobody knew about. Many weren’t making much money or had to hustle nonstop to make sales.

I kept thinking “the fact this stuff isn’t being taught in schools is absurd”. I wanted to help these people get their message out and get paid what they deserved.

I also wanted more for myself. At that time, I was making $12.50/hour working with teens who suffered from mental health disorders. Turns out, spending all day breaking up fights and getting spit on gets old after a while.

So I became a direct-response copywriter.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve helped dozens of passionate entrepreneurs grow their business with authentic, compelling copy that converts.

I helped the company with the #1 self-help podcast on iTunes double their sales and 10X their traffic.

I also worked on multiple 6 and 7-figure launches when I was as a Senior Copywriter for Ramit Sethi. One launch I led doubled our sales projections and made nearly $1 million in a week.

dinner me ramit

Me (in purple) having dinner with Ramit Sethi and the IWT team

Aside from writing copy, I love coaching business owners and showing them how to write powerful, persuasive copy in their own voice.

Who this is NOT for

If you don’t care about helping people and are just looking to make a quick buck selling crap on Clickbank, kindly crawl back into the sewer from whence you came.

But if you have a great product people love…

If you want to get it in front of more people and close more sales…

While building a lasting business people rave about…

Shoot me a message below. Let me know your single biggest challenge in getting high-converting sales copy for your online products, and I’ll see how I can best help you.

If nothing else, I can help you navigate the copywriting jungle by pointing you towards some helpful resources.

“With Brian’s help, we’ve doubled our sales, increased traffic tenfold (up to 400,000+ visitors/month), and built a 100-person waiting list for our $8k workshops! He really “gets” what we’re about and delivers our message in a way that’s both compelling and completely authentic. It’s great to achieve these results with writing I’m genuinely proud to use.” -AJ Harbinger, Co-founder, The Art of Charm